ember-notify displays wee little notification messages down the bottom of your Ember.js app.

The CSS classes are compatible with Zurb Foundation 5, or you can use Bootstrap styling using {{ember-notify messageStyle='bootstrap'}}.

The CSS animations are inspired by CSS from alertify.js.


  1. Add {{ember-notify}} to one of your templates, usually in application.hbs.
  2. Use this.notify in routes or controllers to display messages:
this.notify.info('Hello there!');
this.notify.alert('This is an alert.');
this.notify.success('It worked.');
this.notify.warning('Hmmn, that didn\'t work out.');

If you're not in a route or a controller you can use the Notify helper:

import Notify from 'ember-notify';

By default the notifications close after 2.5 seconds, although you can control this in your template:

Or you can control when each message is closed:

var message = Notify.alert('You can control how long it\'s displayed', {
  closeAfter: 10000 // or set to null to disable auto-hiding
message.set('visible', false); // and you can hide messages programmatically

The Notify methods (info, success, warning, alert and error) all return a Promise for an instance of Message. You can use this object to change the message property, or to programatically hide the message by setting visible to false.

You can specify raw HTML:

Notify.info({raw: '<div class="my-div">Hooray!</div>'});

Rounded corners, if that's your thing:

Notify.alert('This one\'s got rounded corners.', {
  radius: true

Multiple Containers

If you want to have separate notifications and control where they're inserted into the DOM you can
have multiple {{ember-notify}} components, but only one of them can be accessed using the Notify helper. The others you will need to provide a source property.

Secondary containers should be used as follows:

{{ember-notify source=notifications}}
// in your controller
export default Ember.Controller.extend({
  notifications: Notify.property(),
  // or this.set('notifications', Notify.create())
  actions: {
    clicked: function() {
      this.get('notifications').success('Hello from the controller');


This module is an ember-cli addon, so all you need to do is:

npm install ember-notify --save-dev

Upgrading from a previous version



Some users have reported issues with IE8, so this is currently not supported.