A Message of Hope


The time has come for a new attitude to climate change. We’ve been wandering around in the dark for so long on this issue, and the time has come for us to reclaim hope and to recognise that the journey towards a sustainable future is already well underway. I

Intro to Broccoli


Broccoli is a build tool that provides a simple API that can be used to construct your own asset pipeline that runs build steps on your source code as it changes. Broccoli comes with a simple static file server built-in that watches your source files and performs incremental rebuilds as

Why Else Would You Even Want to be Alive?


I have been thinking a lot recently about Stewart Butterfield's letter We Don't Build Saddles Here published on Medium recently. It's a letter sent to the staff at his startup Tiny Speck six months before the launch of their (now fabulously successful) SaaS product Slack, and it talks about building

JavaScript and OO


JavaScript and Object Models A "choose your own adventure" story JavaScript is has both object-oriented and functional heritage, thanks to its two parents: Scheme and Self. It provides first class functions and makes it simple to compose these function objects into bundles of awesome. Even though I'm an OO "true

Is Time an Illusion?


I have been finding it useful to focus on the present moment: that the past and future are not important to the business of being, and that consciousness is inherently a thing "of the moment". Obviously, your knowledge of the past and your ability to think about the future are

Thoughts on Hiring


Today I'm starting a position with LaunchEngine, and the plan is for me to become the CTO in a couple of months so I'm doing a lot of thinking about recruiting great developers. I think this is the most important activity of a CTO, and a startup in general -